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The garage Door Storm Shield is specially designed to act as a counter-flashing and keep your garage sealed and free of: water, insects, dirt, small rodents and more that are making their way between the existing garage door seal and the concrete.   Cut to any length and shipped same day.

$3.60  Per Foot
Flat Rate Shipping $26.00
Any Length up to 16 ft.

17 ft  Plus email for shipping price

What you get:
Any Length of weather strip desired ($3.60 Per Foot)
Each piece is cut approximately 1 inches longer than the selected quantity.
 1 Tube of epoxy per 10 Ft of seal.  (16 Ft Widths get 2 tubes)
 Detailed instructions on how to install.

Any size length from 1 - 16 Feet for only $3.60 a foot.
Purchase 1 - 16 Foot @ $3.60 per foot and $26.00 Shipping. 

Any size length from 17 - 100 Feet for only $3.60 a foot.

  Email for shipping costs


(513) 227 - 9091