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  Model 2700 







Residential Doors

8 Ft wide by 8 Ft tall starting at $690.00 Installed

The Model 2700 is the top-of-the-line high R-Value door designed exclusively for the Commercial and Industrial sectional overhead door market.

This Model is in stock and ready to install.

Triple Layer Construction (Steel - Insulation - Steel)

27 Gauge Exterior 27 Gauge Interior Steel

R-Value 15.67


It is constructed using foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation which creates a strong monolithic panel that is energy efficient.

Each Model 2700 is secured with standard 14-gauge, galvanized steel hinges. The interior skin of each section has two continuous horizontal 20-gauge reinforcing strips. The section joint is thermally broken and chemically bonded with a pressure-sensitive adhesive sealant. An EPDM rubber weather seal further enhances the performance of the joint.

     TRIPLE-LAYER  Steel + Insulation + Steel

Track: Doors are available with both 2" or 3" track in Standard Lift, High Lift, Vertical Lift,
Low Headroom, and Follow the Roof Pitch. Custom track configurations are also available. For drawings and more information, please call Advantage Door (513) 227 9091.

Hardware: Hardware includes minimum 14-gauge galvanized steel hinges and 13-gauge galvanized steel track brackets. All rollers have minimum 10-ball bearings.

Springs: Torsion springs are oil tempered, helical wound and custom computed for each door for a minimum 10,000 cycle life. Optional springs are available up to 100,000 cycle life.

Panel Design          Available Colors


Ribbed Steel       Commercial White         Brown

Window Options


24" X 12" INSULATED       25" X 12" BUBBLE              20" X 5" BUBBLE               FULL-VIEW PANEL

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