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      Replace old worn out rollers with new NYLON 11 Ball Bearing Rollers.

These are the quietest rollers on the market, Made of nylon and have 11 Ball Bearings  

2" 11 Ball Bearing Nylon Roller  -  4" Stem  -  7/16 inch shaft

10 Roller replacement add $20.00 to above coupon

The average Garage door goes up and down 1,000 + times a year.  In good working order it provides convenience and security.  A neglected door not only becomes loud and noisy but poses a Significant safety risk to your family, especially your children.

There are several maintenance issues with your garage door that need to be considered.

Lubricant, Springs, Rollers and Alignment.

Over time the springs will become weak and the door will become heavy.  Rollers will wear out and the alignment can become off.  When these things happen your garage door opener continues to work however it can be operating under excess strain.  An unbalanced door can cause major damage to an opener and possibly require replacement.

A little bit of preventive maintenance can not only extend the life of the opener but keep your door operating safely.


(513) 227 - 9091